Silversmithing 101: Beginner Silversmith Tools for the Craft

Silversmithing 101: Beginner Silversmith Tools for the Craft

Starting as a beginner silversmith requires a basic set of tools to learn the craft and create simple projects! Here's a list of essential tools to start your silversmithing journey:

  1. Jeweler's Saw: A jeweler's saw is used for cutting metal sheets and thin metal pieces.
  2. Files: Various types of metal files are needed for shaping and smoothing metal surfaces. Needle files are particularly useful for intricate work.
  3. Pliers: A set of jewelry-making pliers including chain nose, flat nose, and round nose pliers are essential for bending and shaping metal.
  4. Soldering Torch: A small torch is used for soldering metal pieces together. A beginner can start with a butane torch.
  5. Soldering Pick: A soldering pick is used to manipulate solder and move small pieces while soldering.
  6. Soldering Block: A fireproof surface on which you can solder without damaging your workbench.
  7. Solder: Different types of solder (hard, medium, easy) for various silver soldering tasks.
  8. Jeweler's Bench Pin: A bench pin clamps onto the edge of a workbench and provides support for sawing and filing metal pieces.
  9. Mandrels: Mandrels come in various shapes and sizes and are used for shaping metal rings and other jewelry items.
  10. Flex Shaft or Dremel Tool: A flexible shaft rotary tool is very handy for grinding, polishing, and drilling small holes in metal.
  11. Sandpaper and Emery Paper: Different grits of sandpaper for smoothing and polishing metal surfaces.
  12. Safety Equipment: Safety goggles, heat-resistant gloves, and a fire extinguisher are essential for working with torches and hot metal.
  13. Metal Ruler and Calipers: Precise measuring tools for accurate metalwork.
  14. Liver of Sulfur: Liver of sulfur is used to create a patina or antique finish on silver.
  15. Polishing Cloths and Compounds: These are used to achieve a high shine on finished metal pieces.
  16. Sanding Sticks: These are useful for getting into tight spaces and refining details.
  17. Saw Blades: Replacement blades for your jeweler's saw.
  18. Safety Pickle: A solution used to remove oxidation and flux residues from metal after soldering.

These tools should provide a good starting point for a beginner silversmith! As you gain more experience, practice, and tackle more complex projects, you may find the need to expand your tool collection further.

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Free Materials and Tools List:


  1. Sterling Silver Sheet (Various Gauges)
  2. Sterling Silver Wire (Various Gauges)
  3. Flux
  4. Solder (you will need Easy, Medium, and Hard)
  5. Pickle Solution (For Cleaning)
  6. Polishing compounds
  7. Safety Equipment (Safety goggles, gloves, apron)


  1. Jeweler's Saw and Blades
  2. Bench Pin
  3. Soldering Torch (Butane or Propane)
  4. Soldering Block
  5. Soldering Pick
  6. Flux Brush
  7. Filing Tools (Files, Sandpapers)
  8. Mandrels (Ring, Bracelet)
  9. Hammers (Ball Peen, Chasing)
  10. Anvil or Bench Block
  11. Texturing Tools (Hammers, Stamps)
  12. Polishing Tools (Polishing Cloth, Rotary Tool with Buffing Wheels)
  13. Measuring Tools (Ruler, Calipers)

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