Gemstone Jewelry Handcrafted in Southern Utah


  • Pure Magic

    β€œThe energy that Lindsay infuses into her jewelry is pure magic! Each piece has its own energetic message and story. I don’t leave the house without one, and someone always seems to notice the beautiful intricacies that each piece holds. Love!! ” – Sarah L.

  • Meaningful

    "The highest quality jewelry I own comes from Dazed and Topazed! The most unique and meaningful pieces I will love for a lifetime. Not to mention Lindsay is the sweetest soul around. You can feel the love and intention she puts into every piece. There's nobody I would rather buy jewelry from." -Ashlyn G.

  • Work Speaks for Itself

    "I had a custom snake ring made and the process was so great and easy. The work speaks for itself. She puts so much effort into each piece, and really makes them all unique. Obsessed with my ring." - Alicia S.

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About the Artist

Lindsay, a native of the vibrant Ivins, UT desert, is a self-taught metalsmith and lapidarist. Drawing inspiration from the wild surroundings of her upbringing, she crafts mesmerizing jewelry pieces that reflect the psychedelic beauty of nature. Working primarily with sterling silver and gold-filled materials, she infuses her creations with locally sourced stones from Utah, adding a unique and authentic touch to each piece.

Her creative journey is deeply rooted in her late grandfather's passion for art, the outdoors, and rock collecting, which ignited her own fascination with the natural world. Lindsay's work is a tribute to these influences, blending artistic expression with the raw allure of the environment that surrounds us.

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