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Mobile Spray Tan Appointment

Mobile Spray Tan Appointment

Full service mobile spray tanning

Duration: 15 minutes
- The tanning artist arrives at the client's location equipped with a portable spray tan booth, a custom blended tanning solution, hair nets, nose plugs, and drying setting powder.
- The artist sets up the mobile tanning booth in a well-ventilated area with sufficient space for the client to stand comfortably.

- The artist conducts a brief consultation with the client to determine their desired tan shade, skin type, and any specific concerns or preferences.
- Based on the consultation, the artist customizes the tanning solution to achieve a natural-toned tan that complements the client's skin tone and preferences.

Preparation and Protection:
- The client is provided with a disposable hair net to cover their hair and a nose plug to protect their airways during the tanning process.
- The artist applies barrier cream to areas prone to dryness or excessive absorption, such as hands, feet, elbows and ankles, to ensure an even tan.

Spray Tan Application:
- The spray tan application process begins by using a handheld spray gun to evenly distribute the custom-blended tanning solution over the client's body.
- Attention is paid to detail, ensuring thorough coverage and blending along the hands, feet, and other areas prone to streaks or unevenness.

Fast Drying:
- To expedite the drying process and minimize any transfer of the tanning solution onto clothing or furniture, the artist applies a light dusting of drying setting powder over the client's body.

Post-Tan Care and Maintenance:
- The artist provides the client with post-tan care instructions, emphasizing the importance of proper hydration, moisturization, and avoiding activities that may cause excessive sweating or friction.
- The client is advised that with proper care, their spray tan can last between 7 to 10 days, depending on individual skin type and maintenance routine.

The mobile spray tan appointment offers a convenient and efficient way for clients to achieve a natural-looking tan in the comfort of their own space, with attention to detail, fast drying, and long-lasting results by a professional!

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